Introducing: Digital Keys

Create keys for guests or visitors, customised and restricted exactly to your requirements.

Let a friend in before you're home

Allow the cleaner to come whilst you're at work

Guest keys to your Short Stay Let home

Security barrier entry for gated communities and car parks

How it works: The Keys

Follow these 5 simple steps to see how our Digital Keys work

Step 1
Recieve your Key

The Resident will create the Digital Key along with any restricitons or limitations such as access time periods or key uses.

The Key link can be sent via any digital communication platform from WhatsApp to Email or Messenger.

Step 2
Generate the Key

You won't recieve your unique Key barcode until you're outside the property and ready to confirm your location. This is to ensure maximum security, meaning you can't just forward the Key to someone else who's not there.

Step 3
Confirm your location

Each Intercom and Access device is geo-tagged to the property location. Once you're directly outside and ready to use the Key, you'll need to confirm that you're there to generate your Key.

Step 4
Unlock the door

Your Digital Key will be generated and ready to be placed under the Eccobell Access Scanner. Simply scan and you're in!

Each Key has a expiry timeof 15 seconds, so it will need to be scanned in that time otherwise you'll need to re-generate a new one.

Step 5
You're in!

As easy as that, the door will open and the Resident will be notified of your access in their Resident App.

Your security is our priority


The Guest will need to confirm their location of being directly outside the property before the unique Digital Key can be generated.

Time Restricted

Each Key is generated through a unique two factor authentication method and will only remain active to use for 15 seconds before neededing to be re-generated. Each Key is unique and can never be used again.

How it works: For Residents

1. Generate Key

Create a new key in the Resident App and add on any restrictions (e.g. access time)

2. Invite Guest

Send an invite to the Guest through your chosen digital communication platform

3. Access Notification

Receieve a notification in the Resident App when the Guest has used the Key

4. Stress Free

Don't worry about being home or passing around physical keys again

How it works: For Guests

1. Receive Key Invite

Receive the Key link and save it for later, or use it immediately if you're ready

2. Confirm Location

Check any restrictions, then confirm your location when outside the property

3. Generate & Scan Key

Generate the Key and place under the scanner on the Eccobell Access

4. Access Granted

The door will unlock and you're in!

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