Enabling anyone, anywhere to communicate and grant access to guests at just a tap.

Smart Intercom, Access Management and Digital Key solutions

Remove the headache of installing intercom and access systems for tenants and move into the contactless world with Eccobell.

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Powerful, yet simple and secure

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Step 1
Visitor scans Code, or taps NFC.

When a guest arrives, they simply scan the Display Code using their smartphone camera, or tap the Code using an NFC enabled device.

Step 2
Select who you wish to contact

Without needing to launch an app, seamlessly select the person, flat number or office department you wish to reach.

Step 3
Start communication

The tenant answers by video or voice call and speaks to the visitor to let them in, leave delivery instructions, or anything else, directly from any smart device, wherever they are in the world.

Goodbye manual, hard wired access intercom systems

Hello, Eccobell

Eccobell Intercom

Replace any existing intercom system, allowing residents to speak to guests or visitors directly from their phone or smart device.

No WIFI or Power
No need to connect to power or WIFI, simply stick and go
Guests need to be directly outside to contact the resident
1 Code can serve over 1,000 residents, unlike competitors
Security First
Personal details are never shared

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Eccobell Access

Replaces any existing intercom system and allows residents to provide remote access to guests or visitors directly from their phone.

Everything in Intercom. Answer anyone, anywhere.
Remote Access
Residents can simply unlock the door from their phone
Digital Keys
Create unique Digital Keys in advance for guests to gain access
All Access
Access Code come equiped with scanner to read Digital Keys, plus our unlocking door module

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Resident App

The home for your Smart Video Doorbell.

Make the most of your Eccobell Display Code with the powerful Resident App. Answer Rings, pick up messages, create Digital Keys or communicate with your property management team, and a lot more...

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Home, from home
A central applicaton to manage your smart doorbell
Visitors leave video, voice or text messages if you're busy
Answer from anywhere
Never stay in all day for a delivery again

Digital Keys

Create unique keys for guests or visitors, customised and restricted exactly to your requirements.

Highest Security
Secure multi-step process of location confirmation before any key is generated
Rules & Restrictions
Create restricitons on when the key will work, from the number of uses to specific time periods
Any Electric Door
The unlocking module is compatibile with any electric door or gate
Many Use Cases
Cleaner whilst at work, your Air BnB guests, a friend in to feed the cat...

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Property & Tenant Management

Manage your property and tenants with our all-in-one software platform, built to streamline everyday tasks and help you get the most out of the Eccobell ecyosystem.

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Tenant Overview
Communicate with and view all tenants details
Guest Check In
Digitlaize the guest request and approval system
Work smarter, not harder with data feedback

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