Enabling anyone, anywhere to communicate with guests at just a tap.

A smart video 'Doorbell as a Service' for houses, apartments and commercial buildings.

Remove the headache of installing intercom systems for tenants and move into the cloud with Eccobell.

Powerful, yet simple and secure

See how it works...

Eccobell Display Code Scan
Step 1
Visitor scans Code, or taps NFC.

When a guest arrives, they simply scan the Display Code using their smartphone camera, or tap the Code using an NFC enabled device.

Step 2
Select who you wish to contact

Without needing to launch an app, seamlessly select the person, flat number or office department you wish to reach.

Step 3
Start communication

The tenant answers by video or voice call and speaks to the visitor to let them in, leave delivery instructions, or anything else, directly from any smart device, wherever they are in the world.

Step 4
No answer? We've got your back.

With a video and voice mailbox, your visitor can leave a message. Or with our family plan, anyone can answer the call without the need to worry or stay in.

The Display Code. Unlike no other.

The display code is completely independent of itself, simply plug and play.

Security first

Personal details are never shared between residents and guests

No hard wiring or batteries

The Display Device is the only virtual doorbell that requires no power supply

No WIFI required

WIFI isn't needed to connect to your smart devices, which means no latency

Eccobell unrestricted by device

Unrestricted by device

Without the need for a native app, any smart device can be used to control Eccobell


To prevent spamming, guests have to be within a specific radius of the Display Code for it to work

Eco friendly

A single Display Code can serve over 1000 users, unlike our competitors who require 1 per user

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